2023 Snow Removal Prices | Plowing Rates, Services & Calculator (2024)

2023 Snow Removal Prices | Plowing Rates, Services & Calculator (1)

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Snow Removal Prices

The average cost of residential snow removal is$30 to $100for up to 6" and$30per additional 6". Snow plowers charge$25 to $75 per hour, with contract prices at$200 to $600 per season. Commercial snow plowing rates are$50 to $200 per hourfor parking lots and$150 to $350 per acrefor salting.

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Snow Removal Pricing Calculator

Snow removal contractors charge based on the job size, season length, amount of expected snowfall for the year, depth of snow, and the estimated time to complete the job. Most contractors charge hourly rates instead of per square foot.

Snow Removal Pricing Calculator
UnitAverage CostDescription
Per Hour $25 – $75 Typically charged for shoveling, blowing, or throwing.
Per Visit $30 – $70 Each time an area is cleared with no additional services.
Per Event $30 – $100 Charged per storm, in areas with short periods or light snowfall.
Per Season $200 – $600 Coverage for the entire season, with an upward limit on visits.
Per Month $100 – $300 Sometimes charged in areas with short periods or light snowfall.
Per Inch $60 – $100 For the first 4 to 6 inches of snow; Add $3 to $10 per each additional inch.

DIY snow shoveling is a labor-intensive hassle and poses a risk for injury. Hiring asnow removal servicesaves you time, is much safer, and is cheaper than renting tools for every snowstorm.

Average cost of snow removal

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Average Cost of Snow Removal
National Average Cost$81
Minimum Cost$25
Maximum Cost$2,000
Average Range $44 to $128

Snow Removal Service Cost

Most snow removal services charge$25 to $75 per houror $200 to $600 per season, depending on the location, area size, and removal method.

Snow Removal Service Cost
ServiceAverage Cost
Shoveling $25 – $75 per hour
Blowing $25 – $75 per hour
Plowing $30 – $100 per visit
Roof Raking $200 – $500 per visit
Salt Spreading $20 – $65 per application
Commercial $50 – $150 per hour

Snow removal companies may use a combination of methods to clear your driveway and sidewalk depending on the depth of snow and size of the area. Ask upfront what equipment will be used and where the snow will be moved to on your property.

Get free estimates from snow removal services.


Snow Plowing Rates

Snow plowing rates are$30 to $70 per visit or $200 to $600for a seasonal contract with a limited number of visits. Plowing an average driveway under 70' ranges from$30 to $50.

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Snow Blowing Estimates

A snow blowing service charges$25 to $75 per hourper worker, the same as the cost for shoveling. Expect to spend $40 to $75 per visit, depending on the size of the area and depth of the snow.

Snow Shoveling Charges

Professionals charge$25 to $75 per hourper worker for shoveling snow depending on the size and type of area to be cleared. Homeowners should expect to pay$30 to $70 per visitfor snow shoveling the average driveway.

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Snow Salt Spreading Rates

Snow salt spreading rates are$20 to $65 per applicationfor 1,000-square-feet, depending on the amount of salt used. Some companies charge$5 to $15 per bagof salt spread. Spreading salt leads to melting and prevents snow or rain from being able to freeze.

Cost To Salt A Parking Lot

The average cost to salt a parking lot is$2 to $3 per 1,000 square feetfor small jobs or$150 to $350 per acre. One acre requires 500 to 1000 lbs. of salt. Bulk snow salt costs$100 to $200 per ton, depending on the availability.

Snow Removal Rates By Location

Snow removal rates are$25 to $75 per hour, depending on the location and the amount of snowfall. A sidewalk and driveway plowing combo costs$30 to $100 per visit, while roof snow removal costs$200 to $500.

2023 Snow Removal Prices | Plowing Rates, Services & Calculator (6)
Average Cost of Snow Removal
LocationAverage Cost
Sidewalk $25 – $75 per hour
Driveway $30 – $70 per visit
Roof $200 – $500 per visit
Parking Lot $50 – $200 per hour

Average Cost To Remove Snow From Driveway

Snow plowing a driveway costs$30 to $70 per visit. The average price to snowblow a steep or gravel driveway is $50 to $100or more. Driveway snow removal costs depend on the driveway's length, condition, slope, design, and material. Fees sometimes include the sidewalk.

2023 Snow Removal Prices | Plowing Rates, Services & Calculator (7)
Driveway Plowing Prices
TypeAverage Cost Per Storm*
Standard Driveway (up to 90') $30 – $70
Steep or Gravel Driveway $50 – $100+

*Plowing costs less than snow hauling or removal. Ask the company where the snow will be piled up or if it will be removed instead.

Heated Driveways & Mats Cost

A heated driveway costs$12 to $28 per square footinstalled, depending on if the system is electric or hydronic and if it's installed in a new or existing driveway. Snow melting driveways use buried cables or tubes under the concrete or asphalt to warm the driveway's surface.

Portable snow-melting mats cost$140 to $400for a walkway or $40 per square footto cover a driveway.

Heated Driveways & Mats Cost
TypeAverage Cost
Heated Walkway Mat $140 – $400
Heated Driveway Mat $700 – $2,500
Heated Stair Mat $55 – $100 per step
Snow Melting Mat Controller $35 – $70
Heated Driveway $12 – $28 per square foot
  • Electricity costs to heat a driveway are$0.44 per hourfor two tire tracks or up to $2.00 per hourfor full two-car coverage.

  • Heated driveways often come with a 10-year warranty, making them more efficient than snow blowers over time.

Roof Snow Removal Cost

Roof snow removal costs$200 to $500on average or between$50 and $100 per hour, depending on the roof size and the amount of snow and ice. For larger homes with difficult roof access, contractors charge$1,000 to $2,000.

2023 Snow Removal Prices | Plowing Rates, Services & Calculator (8)
Roof Snow Removal Cost
Roof TypeAverage Cost
Standard $200 – $500
Large or Steep $1,000 – $2,000

Clearing the snow off your roof prevents damage and typically is only necessary with heavy or prolonged snowfall. Professionals recommend clearing the snow off for every six inches that accumulates.

Cost To Install Roof Heating Cables

Roof heating cable systems costs$5 to $15 per linear foot, with most homeowners spending$500 to $1,500for materials and installation. Heated cables melt the snow, prevent ice dams, and replace the need to hire a contractor each year.

Snow Plowing Rates For Parking Lots

Snow plowing rates for commercial parking lots are$50 to $150 per hour, while snow removal prices run$80 to $200 per hour. Rates include salting and sanding and depend on the parking lot's location and size.

  • Placing snow markers or reflectors helps the professional gauge the parking lot's boundaries and complete the job faster.

  • Getting a seasonal contract for snow hauling is more cost-effective.

Sidewalk Snow Shoveling Charges

Residential sidewalk snow shoveling and blowing costs$25 to $75 per hour. Many states haveregulationsrequiring public sidewalks to be cleared of snow within a specific time frame, or you could be fined. Some Homeowners' Associations include all or part of the plowing costs in HOA dues.

2023 Snow Removal Prices | Plowing Rates, Services & Calculator (9)

How Much Do Pros Charge For Snow Removal?

Professionals use the following snow removal pricing guide to determine how much to charge,

Snow Removal Pricing Guide

Snow removal companies charge per hour, per event, or per inch. Cost factors include:

  • Property size

  • Snow removal vs. plowing

  • One time vs. contract

  • Residential vs. commercial

  • Type of equipment used

  • Number of workers and estimated time required

  • Additional services such as salt spreading

Snow Removal vs. Snow Plowing

Snow plowing moves snow from the driveway to another part of the property. Snow removal includes loading the snow onto trucks and hauling it away. Removal requires extra equipment and labor, which increases the overall costs.

Be sure your contract clearly states if removal is included.

Snow Removal vs. Snow Plowing
  • Removes snow and banks
  • Safer for heavy snowfalls
  • Reduces ice from melted snow
  • Cheaper
  • Takes less time
  • Only needs one contractor and a plow
  • More expensive
  • Requires more time, equipment, and contractors
  • Leaves snowbanks and berms
  • Creates ice hazards from snowmelt
  • Remaining snow can hinder landscaping

Consult with a snow removal professional today.


Snow Removal Contract Prices

Seasonal snow removal contract prices are$200 to $600, depending on the property size. Contracts typically limit the total number of visits, with extra costs for additional clearings. Ask about discounts for multi-year contracts or if unused visits can be turned in for lawn care.

Residential vs. Commercial Snow Removal Pricing

Residential snow removal costs about half that of commercial. Commercial snow plowing prices are higher due to needing multiple contractors, more equipment, salting and sanding, and clearing large areas like parking lots. Contractors may need to visit the property multiple times during a snowstorm to keep the business operational.

2023 Snow Removal Prices | Plowing Rates, Services & Calculator (10)
Residential vs. Commercial Snow Plowing Pricing Guide
Per Hour $25 – $75 $50 – $200
Per Visit $30 – $100 $60 – $150+

Driveway Size & Design

The size and design of your driveway impact the overall removal costs. Extra-long driveways cost an extra$40 to $80 per each additional 100'. Removing snow from steep, curvy, dirt, or gravel driveways costs more as they take longer to clear and de-ice.

Other Conditions

  • Response time is critical, especially after a significant storm, and contractors typically have a waiting list. Some states have regulations to clear snow within a specific time frame or else you can face fines. Ask contractors about their average response time up front.

  • In locations with little snowfall, service providers typically charge more. For areas with regular snowfall, contracts are typically based on average total snowfall expected for the year.

DIY Snow Removal Costs

DIY snow removal is relatively inexpensive, but it's labor-intensive and poses a risk for injury. Purchasing or renting equipment will be your largest expense. The type of tools you'll need depends on the average amount of snow in your area and how often you'll clear your driveway and sidewalk.

Even if you plan on shoveling the snow yourself, it's smart to have a snow removal contractor on call. Don't wait until it snows; companies tend to get booked up quickly during heavy storms.

DIY Snow Removal Tools

DIY Snow Removal Tools
EquipmentAverage Cost
Shovel $15 – $40
Electric Shovel $60 – $200
Snow Pusher $30 – $150
Snow Broom $10 – $30
Ice Chopper $15 – $30
Roof Rake $25 – $80
Roof Rake Extension $6 – $20
Roof Heat Cables $25 – $250
Roof Fence Brackets (kit) $25 – $90
Roof Snow Guards (kit) $50 – $400
Driveway Marker $20 – $50
Snow Salt (per bag) $10 – $30
Heat Mat – Small $140 – $400
Heat Mat – Large $700 – $2,500
Heated Driveway (per square foot) $12 – $28
Salt Spreader $150 – $300
Salt Storage $40 – $100
De-icer (per lb.) $0.40 – $3

Have a snow plowing service on call just in case.


DIY Snow Plow Rental

The average cost of renting a snow plow for a truck is$650 per month, while an ATV or UTV plow rents for$150 per month. Renting a skid steer for$700 to $1,500 per month is aother option for contractors or large properties.

Snow Plow Rental Cost
ATV or UTV Plow $20 $60 $150
Truck or SUV Plow $60 $220 $650
Skid Steer w/ Cab & Bucket Plow -- -- $700 – $1,500

Plowing places stress on your vehicle, which can lead to costly repairs.

What Is The Best Way To Remove Snow?

Snow removal is a strenuous endeavor. While there isn't one right way to remove snow, there are a few things that will make it easier.

  • Get the right equipment for the amount of snowfall in your area.

  • Spread salt before expected snowfall to make the process easier.

  • Put driveway markers down.

  • Plan to shovel in stages and remove the snow every two to five inches.

  • Avoid stepping on and packing down the snow.

  • Clear snow from around the cars and tires first.

  • Avoid leaving snowbanks at the edges of walkways or driveways.

  • Have a snow removal service on call for heavy snow events or times when you are unavailable.

Snow Removal FAQs

Is A Snow Removal Service Worth It?

Hiring a snow removal service is worth in areas with a lot of snowfall. DIY snow removal is possible in locations with light or infrequent snowfall if you are physically up to the task. Always have a snow removal contractor on call for when heavy storms hit or when you are unable to shovel it yourself.

How Much Is A Snow Blower?

A gas-powered snow blower costs$400 to $1,200to buy or around$75 per dayto rent. An electric snow blower or thrower costs$100 to $250and is excellent for flat driveways or snow coverage of 4 inches or less. Additional costs apply for ongoing operations and maintenance.

2023 Snow Removal Prices | Plowing Rates, Services & Calculator (11)
Snow Blower Prices
Power SourceAverage CostBest For
Electric $100 – $250
  • Small driveways
  • Light, powder snow
  • Less than 8 inches per event
Gas $400 – $1,200
  • All driveways and walkways
  • Heavy, packed, wet snow
  • 8 to 20+ inches per event

How Much Does A Snow Plow Cost?

The average cost to buy a snow plow attachment for a truck is$1,000 to $2,500. Snowplow kits for ATVs and UTVs cost$200 to $800. Additional costs apply for installation and mounting, operational costs such as gas, and ongoing maintenance. Plus, using a plow requires some experience.

Snow Plow Cost
Vehicle TypeAverage Cost
ATV or UTV $200 – $800
Truck or SUV $1,000 – $2,500

Can You Snow Plow a Gravel Driveway?

Plowing gravel driveways and surfaces requires putting shoes on the plow and adjusting the blade to a half-inch above the ground. This prevents digging into and damaging the gravel in most cases. Before plowing, be sure toresurface your gravel drivewayto fix wheel ruts, potholes, and tilted sections.

What Is The Best Snow Removal Equipment?

The best snow removal equipment depends on the size of your driveway and the amount of snowfall. Snow plows are recommended for long driveways, while a snow blower is best for short driveways or sidewalks.

In places with heavy snowfall, roof heating cables are the best way to remove snow from the roof and prevent ice dams.

What is the Cheapest Way to Remove Snow?

Buying a snow shovel for about$20and removing the snow yourself is the cheapest way. However, shoveling snow by hand is time-consuming and can lead to injuries. The next cheapest way to remove snow is by renting a plow or blower, followed by hiring a professional.

How Much Does Snow Removal Insurance Cost?

Snow removal insurance costs$29 to $40 per monthfor residential homeowners. General liability insurance for a snow plow business costs$400 to $1,000 per year, plus$900 a yearfor a commercial auto policy and$400 annuallyfor a business owner's policy.

Still have questions? Ask a snow removal pro.


Hiring A Snow Removal Contractor

There are over 10,000 snow removal related injuries each year. Hiring a professional snow removal contractor saves you time, is much safer, and is cheaper than renting tools over and over. Be sure to:

  • Get at least three competing quotes.

  • Read their reviews on HomeGuide and Google, and look for reliability.

  • Confirm the contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured.

  • Never wait until it snows. Sign your contract during the summer to save.

  • Book a year-round contract for both lawn care and snow removal to save.

  • Ask your neighbors what they are paying so you know what to expect.

Questions To Ask

  • What snow removal services do you offer? (Plowing, Blowing, or Salting)

  • Do you have insurance?

  • How long have you been in business?

  • What is your average response time? Do I have to call each time?

  • Do you offer lawn care services or package deals?

  • What type of contracts do you offer? (Seasonal, Per event, Hourly)

  • Can my unused snow removal visits be turned in for lawn care?

2023 Snow Removal Prices | Plowing Rates, Services & Calculator (2024)


How do you calculate snow plowing? ›

For example, say your rate is 40 dollars an hour, and you'll have to account for the labor costs of two workers working on the area for two hours. Your rate x number of workers x number of hours = your cost of snow removal service. 40 x 2 x 2 = 160, your base cost of service.

How much money should I charge for shoveling snow? ›

Pricing method
Pricing methodAverage range
Per hour$25 – $75
Per 6 inches$65 – $110
Per event$35 – $110
Per visit$30 – $90
1 more row
Jul 26, 2023

How much should a kid charge to shovel a driveway? ›

Sometimes, for example, kids are reluctant to set a fee for their services, and adults often end up over- or underpaying. It's better to agree on both the fee and the job upfront. I'd say that for shoveling snow, $10 to $20 makes sense as a starting point for most jobs.

How long does it take to snow plow an acre? ›

For example: A snow contractor calculates that an eight- to nine-foot plow can clear two inches of snow at an average rate of one hour per acre, three inches of snow at 90 minutes per acre, and four inches at two hours per acre.

How many miles per gallon does a snow plow get? ›

A typical snowplow is relatively fuel inefficient; after all, a snowplow is a big vehicle, typically pushing snow. These vehicles tend to achieve 4-6 mpg, depending on plowing conditions.

How deep should snow be before plowing? ›

The deeper the snow, the harder the job. Deep snow also decreases your productivity. If you expect snow accumulation of greater than one inch, you should plan on plowing. If snow gets too deep, it may actually become almost impossible to plow.

How much can you make a day shoveling snow? ›

How Much Money Can You Make as a Shoveler?
Parked car$30 to $40On a city street
Driveway$35 to $75Two-car driveway
Sidewalk in front of house$35 to $75Average length
Parking lot50c to $2 per sq footFor businesses
1 more row
Mar 16, 2023

Can you make a lot of money from shoveling snow? ›

When it snows, get out there bright and early, knock on your neighbors' doors, and ask to help them on an hourly basis. Start with an hourly rate 20% higher than what you get paid at work. If you get paid $15/hr at work, charge at least $18/hr for your first snow shoveling gigs. Otherwise, it's just not worth it.

Is snow shoveling a good business? ›

In fact, starting a snow plowing business in the right location can give seasonal outdoor contractors a way of expanding their brand and keeping busy during the winter. Also importantly, snow plowing is a $19 billion a year industry! And it's a scalable business, too.

How much do people get paid to shovel driveways? ›

By the Hour

The average price for having someone shovel your snow is between $25 and $75 per hour. If you want a plower, however, be prepared to shell out $180 an hour, with most companies billing in 15-minute increments.

What age should you stop shoveling your driveway? ›

Franklin advises anyone age 45 or older not to tackle shoveling. He says the recommendation stems from a landmark study that indicates about 85 percent of U.S. adults age 50-plus already have underlying coronary artery disease. “If you're over age 45, I'm pretty sure you've got underlying heart disease,” Franklin says.

Why do farmers no longer plow? ›

As a result, many farmers have adopted no-till or minimum tillage practices which leave residue in the field—and that leads to a wide range of benefits: Residue captures snow during the winter which improves the moisture profile in the field. Residue provides soil stability to help reduce erosion from wind and rain.

How many acres can be plowed in an hour? ›

2x14 plow cuts 28" or 2.3333 feet wide so there are 18,668 travel feet per acre. 3.536 miles. So you get about a acre per hour at 3.5 mph. 3x14 does 2.357 miles per acre so at 3.5 mph about 1.5 acres per hour.

Does plowing make money? ›

You can make great money plowing snow, but there are many factors you need to consider before going all-in on the industry. From weather conditions to insurance coverage there are some varying factors that come into play. However, with the right business plan and approach, there is money in the snow removal business.

How is snowfall measured? ›

Snowfall (newly fallen snow) is reported in INCHES and TENTHS (such as 2.4"). It is taken as soon as snow has stopped falling if possible and no more than 4 times a day. Snow Depth (total depth of snow on the ground) is reported to the nearest WHOLE INCH (such as 11").

How do you calculate snow ratio? ›

Snow ratios refer to the amount of water contained in a column of snow, and are determined by collecting and melting snow in a rain gauge. For example, if 5" of snow melts down to 0.5" of liquid, the snow ratio is 10:1 (10" of snow for every one inch of liquid).

How does snow plowing work? ›

A snowplow works by using a blade to push snow to the side to clear it from a surface. Modern plows may include technology to make it easier to perform the work and stay on the road. These include Global Positioning System receivers, head-up displays and infrared cameras.

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