Cinnamon Roasted Potatoes Recipe (2024)



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Nathan Brasfield

One of my most favorite recipes. Everyone I've served it to has said it's delicious, and it is so easy.

A couple of suggestions: I don't leave the garlic unpeeled--in fact, peeling them allows the entire edible clove to become crispy and delicious itself. I suggest cutting pieces of them to eat along with the potatoes.

Also, 1 cinnamon stick is not enough and it into pieces leaves little fragments everywhere. It's best to put in about 4 or 5 sticks and leave them whole.


I couldn't break my cinnamon stick into pieces. Cheap store brand -- it would have needed a saw to break it in two. So I chucked in a four whole sticks. It worked great. The potatoes had subtle cinnamon notes, and the sticks themselves were easy to remove from the dish. With higher quality cinnamon sticks (aka ones with a lot more intensity to the flavor), one or two sticks might be sufficient.

Very good, and very easy. Also might try some other spices.


This is one of my go-to recipes, and has been for years. I made it as written the first time, but our family didn't care for the cinnamon. Instead, I increase the garlic to 8-10 cloves (depending on size) and add at least 4 bay leaves. Other than that, the cooking temperatures and times are exactly right. I stir the potatoes after about 45 minutes. Be aggressive with salt and pepper.


I made these potatoes to go with a Moroccan carrot and chicken thigh stew and they were fantastic! Mild cinnamon flavor and crispy potatoes when made in the cast iron skillet in the oven. Will make again with other Middle Eastern dishes.


Did replace cinnamon stick with rosemary sprigs with wonderful results.


Half the recipe just fit in our small cast iron pan. Perfectly crisp edges, creamy centers, and wonderfully easy to make. But the broken-up cinnamon stick was tedious to remove, and the cinnamon flavor wasn't really discernible. Next time, try perhaps 1/4 tsp cinnamon for the half recipe.


A real winner. Served this up at a dinner party and everybody loved it. I would make some minor tweaks to the recipe by double the garlic cloves and cinnamon sticks

Delicious Roasted Potatoes

This recipe was delicious, but I could not break up the cinnamon stick. I wonder if you could use ground cinnamon for flavoring. Let me know if anyone had a solution to the cinnamon.


Not sure if expensive name brand cinnamon sticks are any softer ;-) I wrapped mine in a towel and whacked it with a meat tenderizer. Worked like a charm. I loved the subtle add of the cinnamon -- wouldn't want it stronger, such as with ground cinnamon powder. Easiest way to separate potatoes from cinnamon shards is to pluck out potatoes with tongs. Be sure to pluck out the garlic too, which is great squeezed out along potatoes.


roasted all on cookie sheet at 425 til brown & crunchy. added cinnamon to potatoes along with salt, pepper, thyme. very good


This is a keeper. I used petite purple potatoes instead of Yukon gold, doubled the cinnamon, and added sumac and Aleppo pepper. Great flavor and perfect texture. Best part is that I cooked the potatoes ahead and then reheated them in the oven while reverse-searing a steak and they came out almost identical to when I taste-tested them fresh from cooking.


These were just so-so for me! The potatoes got extremely crispy but were hard to bite into and did not maintain their creamy insides. I probably would have cooked at a different temperature/time.


I didn’t have kosher salt, I had natural sea salt and 1 tsp was way too much salt. I’d recommend just salting to taste or trying 1/2 tsp for the roasting and salting to taste after. Otherwise it was great!


This is a great alternative to typical roast potatoes. Everyone liked these and will now be my go to roast potatoes when pairing with Chicken.


Better with Yukon Gold or butter potatoes.

Bronson Page

They were good, although not everyone at our table could get next to potatoes with cinnamon, and I think it could have been stronger with a more finely crushed cinnamon. They came out crispy and delicious. Leaving the garlic unpeeled also didn't work.


Excellent - these are the creamy inside, crisp outside potatoes I always wish sheet pan recipes delivered. To break the cinnamon stick either: 1) place on cutting board and hit it w meat mallet or heavy rolling pin; or 2) place in food processor and pulse 2 or 3 times. Also I use a 12 inch cast iron pan to give the potatoes more room for heat to circulate around them. Yum!


I really enjoy making these potatoes in the fall when the weather cools off since the flavors are warm and comforting. After following the recipe, however, I changed things up just a little with how I used the spices. I started to make a blend of garlic powder and ground cinnamon since I didn't like having sticks of it on my plate. Tastes just as amazing!


I could not taste any cinnamon using sticks so I subbed a light dusting of ground.


Soooooo good. Haven't made in a long time and so happy to have re-visited.


Love this technique!I had more potatoes and a smaller cast iron pan than the recipe, so used a sheet pan. Also used a few shakes of cinnamon (no sticks) as mentioned in another comment.I think that in a cast iron, the potatoes wouldn't stick. Sheet pan version stuck a little bit but not too bad.Excellent crispy texture!


Can you make these potatoes in an oven-safe pan that is not a cast iron skillet?


This is a keeper. I used petite purple potatoes instead of Yukon gold, doubled the cinnamon, and added sumac and Aleppo pepper. Great flavor and perfect texture. Best part is that I cooked the potatoes ahead and then reheated them in the oven while reverse-searing a steak and they came out almost identical to when I taste-tested them fresh from cooking.


Best round yet with red potatoes, salt pepper paprika olive oil in cast iron. Crispy outside, soft inside, eaten in a flash.

Janet Rosen

I have adapted this to use since it first appeared in the Sunday magazine, taters alone or a mix of taters, carrots, onions, other root veggies etc. I only use one cinammon stick but just break it in quarters to avoid a mess and like to add a couple of cardamom pods sometimes.

K Comeau

This is a real find. Very easy and very tasty. I used two cinnamon sticks and broke them into pieces. The cinnamon flavor is subtle. Great for a dinner party side dish.

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Cinnamon Roasted Potatoes Recipe (2024)
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