SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (2024)

SnowRunner continues to roll on as an extremely popular open-world offroad trucking simulator. In recent years, regular seasonal updates have added to the game's growing list of trucks, which now stands at over 80 vehicles. Many included in this lineup resemble authentic trucks which carry valuable resources across the harshest continents. With addons, skins, and mods, drivers can turn their favorite SnowRunner rigs into their own virtual dream machines.

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As one of the most challenging single-player games on the market, SnowRunner fans often spend hours just trying to complete a simple task. Traversing through the deep mud and snow requires a garage full of scouts and offroad trucks each with strengths and weaknesses that make them suitable for specific missions. Acquiring the necessary trucks to make any progress is a time-consuming process with other useful vehicles unlocked after purchasing DLC content. The choices below represent the best trucks in SnowRunner to complete even the most difficult contracts.

Updated on May 17, 2023, by Adam Corsetti: Since this article's original publication, Season 8: Grand Harvest and Season 9: Renew & Rebuild of SnowRunner have introduced numerous new trucks to the game. Along with some additional DLC content, the vehicle list is now even more difficult to make sense of. Accordingly, some new trucks which are worth investing in are included along with classic SnowRunner rigs that every new player should own.

15 Azov 42-20 Antarctic

SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (1)

If a player enjoys exploring the snowiest regions of games, the Azov 42-20 Antarctic is a specialized heavy truck able to cross the deepest snow that would strand most vehicles. It's not the easiest truck in SnowRunner to drive, as its articulated steering causes it to turn in halves rather than as a whole unit.

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Even with some drawbacks, the massive Azov 42-20 Antarctic is able to escort smaller vehicles through muddy areas that they are unable to pass on their own. The truck has one of the largest engines and set of tires in the game, enabling it to plow throw expansive flat areas in the worst weather conditions. The Azov 42-20 Antarctic is a vehicle that requires some grinding to access, as it's not unlocked until level 26.

14 KHAN Lo4F

SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (2)

SnowRunner has a lot of weird-looking vehicles in it, but KHAN Lo4F may be one of the game's most useless-looking utility truck vans. KHAN Lo4F was once a Soviet territory vehicle used to make emergency rescues. However, it serves a completely different purpose in SnowRunner.

KHAN Lo4F comes with an 80-liter fuel capacity and has all-wheel drive. Hence, it's an extremely sturdy vehicle in precarious situations. It is also an exceptionally light one at 7,725 lbs, which makes it easy for players to carry it around. As they say, one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and that's what KHAN Lo4F is all about.

13 Rezvani Hercules

SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (3)

The Rezvani Hercules is a relatively new SnowRunner scout available as a separate paid DLC. This 6x6 pickup truck is essentially an elongated Jeep Wrangler, with a unique green white, and orange color scheme. Some of the more interesting features of the Hercules are its working light bar and a horn that sounds like a patrol vehicle.

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This scout pickup truck excels on rugged terrain and benefits from some impressive suspension travel. Its 80-gallon fuel capacity, ability to carry plentiful supplies, and solid construction make it one of the best SnowRunner scouts for exploring accessible roadways and paths. However, the Rezvani Hercules has the tendency to sink in the mud even with appropriate tires.

12 Derry Special 15C-177

SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (4)

The Derry Special 15C-177 was a necessary addition to the 9th season of SnowRunner, in order to transport water around a Canadian province decimated by fires. Although its ability to carry a water tank is not unique, its usefulness doesn't end there. The Derry Special 15C-177 is one of the most powerful and versatile heavy trucks in the game, compatible with a bevy of cranes and trailers.

Players who hate jumping through hoops will enjoy the fact that the Derry Special 15C-177 is very easy to unlock and allows gamers to instantly become firefighters. Once acquired, it may become a favorite truck for many SnowRunner fans, since it offers the highest engine torque in the game, along with a generous fuel capacity. Sadly, despite its power, it's also quite slow, so it's not the ideal choice for completing contracts quickly.

11 Pacific P16

SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (5)

Pacific P16 is a heavy-duty logging truck that weighs over 55,115 lbs. It is a behemoth of a vehicle with a whopping ten-meter length and close to four-meter width. This behemoth is a Canadian truck that originally comes from the 90s and has a 14-liter V12 engine.

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With a 300L fuel capacity, this truck specializes in crossing miles while carrying some of the heaviest materials in SnowRunner. The only downside to Pacific P16 is its slow speed and lack of maneuverability, which can irritate some players.

10 YAR 87

SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (6)

The experimental vehicle YAR 87 is full of miraculous features that almost every player will find useful. SnowRunner's version of this massive truck is a copy of the real-life Trekol 39294, known for its heavy-duty power. It's a 110-liter fuel-capacity vehicle with a switchable all-wheel drive built-in.

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Additionally, it features five different gears and weighs a whopping 9,479 lbs. YAR 87 is an off-road beast that trumps various other trucks in the game. The vehicle also features a 6x6 wheel configuration and a differential lock system, making it a great scout truck.

9 TUZ 16 Actaeon

SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (7)

The TUZ 16 "Actaeon" is a light-duty truck that comes as part of the Search & Recover SnowRunner DLC. Weighing in at 7,800 lbs, the Actaeon is quite lightweight considering its overall dimensions. The truck has a 5.8m length and a 2.3m width and works great as an offroad vehicle.

TUZ 16 is the game's version of GAZ-66, a 4x4 all-road military vehicle that plays a big role in delivering cargo. What makes the TUZ 16 so good is its small size and fuel-efficient nature. However, the truck has one major downside, its stiff suspension.

8 Voron AE-4380

SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (8)

When it comes to some of the most versatile trucks in SnowRunner, the Voron AE-4380 is probably in the top three. It's a military logistics truck that can run on smooth roads and off-road terrains with equal power and speed. While Voron AE-4380 is an old vehicle from the 70s, it doesn't let its age stop it from conquering any task in front of it.

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Despite its relatively small dimensions, the Voron carries 250-liter fuel, which is enough for most jobs in the game. It's also incredibly easy to use due to its always-on all-wheel drive and differential lock system. However, its high price may be a concern to newer players.

7 Step 39331 "Pike"

SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (9)

With its origins in the 1960s, the Step 39331 "Pike" is a 6x6 light offroad truck that possesses the maneuverability of a scout. The slim profile of the truck allows it to squeeze through tight openings while at the same time being surprisingly powerful with an engine torque of 185,000.

The Step 39331 "Pike" is unlockable through a mission in the Season 8 Grand Harvest DLC. Once added to a player's garage, this versatile truck has a rather small fuel tank remedied by an available repair and supply kit. The Step 39331 "Pike" is exceptionally stable and difficult to tip over, but with no option for snow tires, it's not a good candidate to master snowy maps.

6 Caterpillar 745C

SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (10)

The Caterpillar 745C is truly the caterpillar of in-game trucks, waiting to fly like a butterfly through any terrain. The vehicle has a switchable all-wheel drive and differential lock. The Caterpillar 745C weighs 44,092 lbs and is over ten meters in length.

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The 745C has a 340-liter fuel capacity, making it reliable for long distances full of various obstacles. It's also a real-life vehicle, so players can truly feel immersed while driving it in the game.

5 Royal BM17

SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (11)

The Royal BM17 may be the best Royal truck in SnowRunner, and there are a few good reasons for that. It's a military truck, hence the 160,000 Ncm torque, which is a game-changer for anyone looking for a good off-road vehicle. Second, Royal BM17 has features such as a seismic vibrator and metal detector, which makes it one of the most versatile off-road trucks in the game.

While it's an ordinary-looking truck, players shouldn't be deceived by its looks. Royal BM17 is one of the largest and fastest-moving trucks in the game, going up to 60 miles per hour.

4 Tayga 6455B

SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (12)

The Tayga 6455B is another DLC vehicle, part of the Haul & Hustle expansion pack. This truck is a classic to the series and was previously a part of older games in the series like Spintires and MudRunner. Tayga 6455B is a 330-liter fuel capacity demon that can cross anything because of its always-on differential lock and all-wheel drive.

This vehicle is a 6x6 truck inspired by the real-life KrAZ 255. It can carry logs and cars and supports multiple attachments, making it a multipurpose vehicle. Unfortunately, it's a late-game unlock, so players must have some patience.

3 ANK Mk38 Civilian

SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (13)

The ANK Mk38 Civilian is a revised version of a military vehicle also available in SnowRunner. Although it requires the Season 6 update, this truck is available to players of any level. Many newcomers find this offroad truck essential, as it can climb steep hills and mountains, and drivers can also attach a fuel tank or van body to the vehicle. In fact, it's compatible with most trailers and upgrade options in the game.

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Unfortunately, the ANK Mk38 Civilian has a few downsides that have some players quick to search for mods. Even though it comes with a small fuel tank and is not the most stable offroad truck, its versatility, and ability to explore almost any region of a map rank it among the best trucks in SnowRunner.

2 DAN 96320

SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (14)

DAN 96320 is a true snow running truck with very few cons. It's a Russian projectile vehicle that carries the heaviest cargo, has a 350-liter fuel capacity, and comes with an always-on all-wheel drive and differential-lock system.

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It's a huge vehicle at over 11 meters in length and is part of the heavy-duty truck class. DAN 96320 copies from the BAZ 69092, a Russian artillery tractor and missile vehicle that is still operating to this date. The best part of this heavy-duty truck is its lightweight body and ability to add multiple frames.

1 ZiKZ 605R

SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (15)

Lastly, there's the DLC vehicle ZiKZ 605R from the New Frontiers pack. It's truly a marvelous automotive creation with top-notch features and allows players to complete any task without breaking a sweat or a controller. The ZiKZ 605R is a hybrid truck that is heavy-duty yet offers the reliability of the offroad trucks in SnowRunner.

The maneuverability of the ZiKZ 605R on any terrain conquers its rivals, and its 380-liter fuel capacity makes it unbeatable in terms of endurance. With fantastic stability and the support of various add-ons, players will hardly have to look at any other vehicle in the game after driving the best truck in SnowRunner.

SnowRunneris available now on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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SnowRunner: 15 Best Trucks, Ranked (2024)
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