The 15 Best Linen Shirts to Help You Keep Your Cool This Summer (2024)

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Those warm temps snuck up quickly, right? Suddenly we’re scrambling to find the coolest, most breathable things we own, holding our arms out like Rose on the Titanic, trying to feel any wisp of a breeze on our skin. Don’t sweat it; now’s the time for the best linen shirts to step in.

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Naturally lightweight and cooling, linen is the surest way to keep you as perspiration-free as possible while still being fully clothed. But the best linen shirts are not just your personal cooling unit. They’re also opportunities to bring an ease and breeziness to your fits. So, lean into this laid-back time of the year with this purposely rumpled, perfectly wrinkled, rakishly charming fabric.

Men that are seemingly on a permanent tropical vacation know what’s up; you know, those whose uniform consists of flowy, resort attire primed for lounging poolside with a coconut co*cktail. There are still plenty of those to pack when you’re bound for locales near the equator, but there’s also a whole world of linen shirts that aren’t necessarily made for throwing back Mai Tais. Office-ready button-downs, elegant band collars, fine-gauge knit polo shirts, relaxed featherweight T-shirts, and even sleek options for late nights out all made from the natural stuff abound. Linen 24/7.


For guys seeking ventilation this summer, we’ve got you (lightly, airily, and breathably) covered. These are the best linen shirts that will keep you looking and feeling totally chill when the sun is high and the days are long.

Best Linen Shirt for the Office

Canali Linen Button-Front Shirt

If ever there was an occasion that called for linen’s intervention, it’s the hurried, sweaty office commute. Canali’s polished, Italian-made dress shirt has all the trappings of upper business casual—spread collar, board-approved light-blue color, pearly buttons—but instead of potentially stuffy poplin, it’s breezy linen.

Buy Now on Saks Fifth Avenue: $245

Best Classic Linen Shirt

Vince Classic Fit Short-Sleeve Linen Shirt

Close your eyes and picture the platonic ideal of a short-sleeve linen shirt. OK, now open. Ta-da! Vince’s versatile linen shirt will serve you well for whatever your warm-weather agenda entails, complete with a tuck-it-or-don’t length, point collar, and slew of summery color choices.

Buy Now on Nordstrom: $195

Best Check Linen Shirt

Oliver Spencer Havana Camp-Collar Checked Linen Shirt

Besides the fact that Oliver Spencer’s black-and-cream checked shirt will disguise any sweat that may arise on the hottest days, there’s something very cool about wearing a Pointdexter pattern rendered in chilled-out linen. We’ll always stan a camp collar, too.

Buy Now on Mr Porter: $260

Best Beach-Ready Linen Shirt

Frescobol Carioca Roberto Linen Shirt

The beach-bound folks at Rio de Janeiro–based Frescobol Carioca are well versed in leisure activities, including just laying around. They dole out some of the best and brightest (but not distracting) prints for just these occasions, as seen here on this “A Névoa” print shirt, named after the early hour mist on Rio’s beaches.

Buy Now on Frescobol Carioca: $255

Best Linen Shirt to Wear with a Suit

Brunello Cucinelli Linen Shirt

Those summer weddings are coming fast. Get yourself a go-to white linen shirt to wear underneath an equally lightweight suit. This classic, refined version from Brunello—with its streamlined, pocketless front and spread collar that won’t collapse under a lapel—is your new plus-one.

Buy Now on Mr Porter: $695

Best Linen Overshirt

Commas Patch Pocket Linen Blend Overshirt

Just because we’re transitioning into AC-cranking weather doesn’t mean that outerwear, or pseudo-outerwear, is out of the question. Commas workwear-influenced, boxy overshirt is relaxed and airy enough for crisp days, with plenty of structure and swag to top off a considered fit.

Buy Now on Matches Fashion: $426

Best Printed Linen Shirt

Derek Rose Milan 19 Printed Linen Shirt

All it takes is a subtle cravat print to elevate Derek Rose’s short sleeve linen shirt to co*cktail-hour (or rehearsal dinner) attire. Call it stealth summer eveningwear.

Buy Now on Mr Porter: $325

Best Striped Linen Shirt

Todd Snyder Blue SlimFit Soft Irish Linen Shirt in Blue Stripe

Todd Snyder sources his linen from Baird Mcnu*tt, one of Ireland’s oldest linen mills. What that means for you is some of the finest, softest shirts that will only get better with time. You think this bold washed blue stripe shirt looks good now, but see how it evolves after a few beach-filled summers.

Buy Now on Todd Snyder: $188

Best Linen Polo Shirt

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Linen-Cotton Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt

Here’s linen and cotton joining forces for the greater good of polo shirts everywhere. The patron saint of American sportswear offers up what might be the most sophisticated take on linen shirting out there. Sign us up for the mushroom-y neutral and the ribbed trims that keep this polo’s shape in check.

Buy Now on Saks Fifth Avenue: $695

Buy Now on Ralph Lauren: $695

Best Date-Night Linen Shirt

Barena Donde Regia Striped ShortSleeve Camp Shirt

Linen usually conjures up images of warm days and idle hours, but Barena’s camp shirt has at least one sleeve in nightlife territory. Sporting some silky-smooth vibes, it may even help you schvitz slightly less on the dance floor.

Buy Now on Bloomingdale’s: $450

Best Fashion-Flex Linen Shirt

Our Legacy Boxy Linen Shirt

Yes, it’s a bit of a swerve, but Our Legacy’s trippy print takes this linen shirt in a wild and wonderful direction that somehow stays in the lane of wearability. Just think what it will do for your spring wardrobe (besides hypnotize onlookers).

Buy Now on Bloomingdale’s: $375

Buy Now on Revolve: $328

Best Band Collar Linen Shirt

Sease Band Collar Linen Sport Shirt

Band collar shirts can veer into the monastic realm, but Sease’s chambray-like approach with lightweight linen and minimal detailing feels forward-looking rather than austere. With shorts and sandals or chinos and sneakers, it’s a welcome take on a summer button-front shirt.

Buy Now on Bergdorf Goodman: $375

Best Linen Shirt for Poolside co*cktails

Onia Air Linen Convertible Camp Shirt

Pull up a chaise, park yourself under an umbrella, and sip on an icy beverage. Onia’s minty-fresh camp shirt gives off those supremely relaxed vibes that only airy linen can. It’s best paired with swim shorts and don’t-bother-me shades.

Buy Now on Saks Fifth Avenue: $125

Best Linen T-Shirt

Sunspel Linen T-Shirt

Once you’ve experienced the air flow of a linen T-shirt, you may not go back to cotton jersey—it’s just about the closest thing to not wearing a shirt at all. Sunspel’s take is soft, smooth, and has a loose fit with a bit of drape so you’re practically forced to relax.

Buy Now on Sunspel: $140

Best Quarter-Button Linen Shirt

120% Lino Linen Voile Quarter-Button Shirt

As you may have gathered from the brand’s name, 120% Lino is focused only on linen. Shirts, pants, knitwear, outerwear: The brand does it all. You can’t go wrong with any of its silhouettes (trust the specialist!), but the quarter button here really shows off the summer-in-Cinque-Terre ethos.

Buy Now on Matches Fashion: $195


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The 15 Best Linen Shirts to Help You Keep Your Cool This Summer (2024)
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